Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Another press outing? (updated)

I just hate scandal, don't you? That's why I was particularly horrified when asked "Is Bush Press Aide Gay?" I thought to myself, "Dear Virgin Mother, I don't know how much more we Conservatives can take. Please let whoever it is be a lapsed Democrat."

But the Big Momma let this one go unanswered. They were referring to none other than dyed-in-the-wool Republican and White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan. Raw Story is apparently the source of this vicious rumor.

RawStory, which has outed other anti-gay Republicans, said its source "reserved comment on whether McClellan was actually gay, but said he was frequently seen at gay clubs." It says that another source confirmed McClellan was a regular at gay clubs.

McClellan is an Austin native.

“He was often seen in gay clubs in Austin, Texas and was comfortable being there,” the source told RawStory. “He’s been seen in places that normal people who are looking for heterosexual relationships are not seen alone.”

The source reportedly told Raw Story that McClellan was easy to spot and was well known in Austin. His mother had been mayor and is expected to run for Texas Governor. She is currently state controller.

There's a much less sinister explanation for all of this—he was campaigning for his mother. And I just hope there are some pictures to prove it.

But then. Oh, woe!

RawStory also says there is a link between McClellan and the man who posed as a journalist and had been accredited by the White House. It reports that it has found the man claiming to be Jeff Gannon had sent McClellan a wedding card when the Bush aide married.

Now I wouldn't make too much of that. Jeff Gannon probably sent a thank-you note to George Bush, for that matter. Oh... Nevermind.

McClellan was featured in an interview by Joe Strup at E&P on Monday.

Asked if he had discussed the Guckert/Gannon episode with President Bush, McClellan said, "We've only talked about it briefly," but declined to be more specific. "He's got a lot of other priorities," McClellan added.

Point #1: This matter is big enough to break through the Bush thicket.

McClellan also said he was unaware of Talon News' ties to the Texas Republican Party until recently, when scrutiny of Guckert, also known as Jeff Gannon, increased after he asked President Bush a question at a press conference last month.

Point #2: McClellan acknowledges Talon News' ties to the Texas Republican Party.

"I first came across him two years ago when I was deputy press secretary and he started covering the White House," McClellan said about Guckert during a phone interview with E&P. "I knew he asked questions from a conservative viewpoint, but that was all."

Point #3: Note the meaning of the first sentence. McClellan does not say "I first came across him ... as deputy press secretary ..." No, we only know the "when" of their meeting from this statement. If he had phrased it as I suggested, we would know for certain that their meeting was in an official capacity. Now, unfortunately, we are left to wonder.

McClellan added that he had known "relatively little" about Talon News, Guckert's former employer, which is linked to, a Republican Web site with ties to Texas Republican groups. "I knew it was a conservative Web site that reported news," he said.

Point #4: Your "relatively little" is my Aunt Fanny. McClellan is acknowledging some knowledge of Talon News. The full extent would probably only be known in court, if then.

Asked if “anyone there” was aware of Guckert before he started showing up for briefings, McClellan said: “No.”

Point #5: I don't know how Strupp phrased the question, but if he used the name "Guckert," McClellan's response may very well be honest.

Oh, I forgot to mention—

White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan didn't know he [Jeff Gannon] was using an alias until the past few weeks.

Point #6: So what's so strange if McClellan knew him only as Jeff Gannon. After all, that is the way he advertised himself.

Ah, you say, Politicians don't parse questions as finely as you're doing here. And I say, Check with Bill Clinton and get back to me on that.

Of course, I am suggesting nothing here. But I know how those Lefties think, and I really think we ought to be prepared.

11:30 pm (thanks to Buzzflash for the links)

This show is moving along just as I feared. What are we to make of this Nashua Advocate editorial— A Plausible Scenario: Gay Prostitute Guckert Used Ties To/Dirt On White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan to Gain Unprecedented White House Access. The Left will stop at nothing, I tell you.

And now comes the disclosure that Jeff Gannon had gained admittance to the White House Briefing Room before Talon News ever existed. Woe is me!

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