Tuesday, July 12, 2005


What is it with MoveOn?

I was recently appalled by the deceptive stance that MoveOn is taking on the war in Iraq. Now the Bionic Octopus has skewered them for their position on your money, which they are currently soliciting in order to keep "an extremist off the Supreme Court."

MoveOn says,

P.S. By the way, if we're unable to use your contribution for the purpose you specify, either because of oversubscription or for another unforeseen reason, it's our policy to use your contribution for other advertising, public relations, advocacy or organizing activities.

The American Red Cross tried something similar after 9/11. As a result of the outcry the policy was reversed.

BionOp, who says she's "so fucked off [she] can't speak," managed to be quite articulate despite herself—

For the love of christ, I beg you, do not give these hellish apparatchik sinkholes your money. Please.


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