Sunday, March 26, 2006


Dominionists in the bush?

First, let me say that I would be willing to cede all of Uganda to the Dominionists if we could just get a little peace. But you know they won't stop there.

The Washington Post's "World in brief" had this note today —

Uganda has dropped terrorism charges against a U.S. evangelist who police said was caught with assault rifles hidden in his bedroom just days before last month's election, the man's attorney said.

Peter Waldron, a 59-year-old from Wyoming who had claimed close links to President Yoweri Museveni's family, is expected to be deported on Sunday, said lawyer MacDosman Kabega.

"The director of public prosecutions simply stated to us that they had lost interest in the matter and the charges were being withdrawn," Kabega said.

This reeks with intrigue, but of course the Post won't be pursuing it.

I had missed the news of Waldron's arrest on February 20, but a number of bloggers were all over the story and ferreted out quite a bit about ex-military born-again "evangelist" Peter Waldron. If you're interested in the shady world of the Religious Right, its efforts toward global theocracy and its possible links with the CIA, the story of Waldron seems to have it all.

Bartholomew's notes on religion and Flogging the Simian have done quite a bit of work on Waldron's background. The Free Peter Waldron site is written by Dave Racer, who has also deposited comments on the above sites.

In the grander scheme of crime and intrigue, the Post probably has it right—that the story hardly deserves a mention. On the other hand, it is sometimes stories of such inconsequential matters (we think of the break-in of the Democratic offices in the Watergate) that can lead to really big revelations—when pursued by reporters, that is.

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