Thursday, September 14, 2006


No evidence of Satanic killings in Sweden—yet

According to The Local, Swedish feminist and academic Eva Lundgren said she had "received testimony about hundreds of ritual baby murders in Sweden carried out by male Satanist groups." Her claim of satanic infanticides was included in a documentary called "Gender War." Lundgren also avered that "half of all women in Sweden have been subjected to violence by men."

I don't know what made them skeptical, but Uppsala University ordered an inquiry into Lundgren's "scientific honesty." Happily she has been cleared of the charge.

But regarding her infanticide claim the academic investigators concluded that "the critical and reflective research role was absent." And as for violence against women, Jörgen Hermansson, himself of the male persuasion, wrote—

Lundgren and others claim that they have destroyed the myth that violence against women can be linked to certain groups of men. However, ... a re-analysis of the same data shows that the conclusion ought to have been the direct opposite.

Now that Lundgren has been exonerated of scientific dishonesty Uppsala University will take no action, leaving the matter to the "scientific community."

Professor Lundgren need not have worried. In the unlikely event of dismissal, I'm sure she could have found a berth at Bob Jones University, on TV with Geraldo, at the Vatican or somewhere among the loonies of the Bush administration.

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