Thursday, October 19, 2006


Bill Moyers: "The Net at Risk"

The last program in Bill Moyers' series Moyers on America was shown this week on PBS. It's titled "The Net at Risk." But we're the ones at risk.

The first segment of the program delves into the issues surrounding corporate efforts to revoke the principle of "net neutrality." That sounds like a topic sure to send you off to a video game or other solitary pleasure. But Moyers keeps the program alive, and if you value your easy access to online games or whatever else lights your fire, watch it.

Other portions of the program focus on low-power community FM, efforts to stop it (already partially successful) and the effect of the concentration of the nation's media into a very few hands.

If there is any hope in this country for the emergence of a real democracy, it lies mostly with the internet. Though I'd love to see radio, TV and cable open up to the little people, that's unlikely in the near term, if at all. So it's the internet or the streets, boys and girls. Work to save it.

Watch The Net at Risk.

Then hurry on over to Save the

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